[Ported] Adafruit ST7565 Library

I’ve ported Adafruit ST7565-LCD library. https://github.com/bveenema/ST7565
Original can be found at https://github.com/adafruit/ST7565-LCD

Ported and tested on photon. Also includes a backlight library that can be used to mirror the photon’s RGB LED to the backlight of the display. If you take user control over the RGB, you can set color, brightness, fade brightness and make the LED breathe.


Nice :+1:

Could you also push this to the Build Library collection?

Just a side note.
Could you replace the pin numbers used in your demo (2,4 & 6) with the common Particle notation (D2, D4 & D6)?

Are you also planning to readd hardware SPI support?

Yes, I will push to the Build Library collection just as soon as I get time to read the doc and figure it out :laughing: hopefully tonight

Thanks for reminding me about hardware SPI, I had actually thought I’d done that…

I pushed out an updated demo with particle notation on the digital pins.

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Pushed out updates for hardware SPI. Tested with Photon on SPI1.

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