Pololu item #: 2562, 5V Step-Up Voltage Regulator

Looking for a sanity check on this… Reading the descriptions, this board comes with a 100k resistor (pulling high) to by default, always having the board ‘on’ if SHDN is not grounded.

To use with a particle device or similar, this is my thought:

  • Cut the trace leading to R6, the 100k resistor pulling high, to no longer let it be pulled high by default and also reduce undesired voltage drain, although minimal…
  • Pull SHDN low with an external resistor (10k) to make it ‘off’ by default and avoid it inadvertently turn on.
  • To turn ‘on’ with code, write pin high (Dx connected to SHDN) - just as if turning on an LED.


That should work, but I’d rather desolder the resistor.

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Thanks ScruffR!


… conscience got to me, removed it :joy:

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