PMIC get/setInputCurrentLimit not setting correctly?

Digressing from the Thread Title a bit:
Are you having issues with Solar Recharging when Sleeping?

In my Boron Solar Trial w/ EN Pin, I had to run the following during every Startup. If not, when the Solar Panel Dropped out, it wouldn’t re-start the charging:

// Li-Po Power Management:
  pmic.setInputVoltageLimit(5080);  //  for 6V Solar Panels   
  pmic.setChargeVoltage(4208);      //  Set Li-Po charge termination voltage to 4.21V,
  pmic.enableBuck();                //  enableBuck required when using EN Pin Shutdown ??.

Once pmic.enableBuck(); was added, the daily Battery Profile became pretty boring, with no major unexpected results. The 0.5-watt Solar Panel can easily recharge the Li-Po when running a 5 minute Wake/Publish schedule. The Boron doesn’t terminate the Li-Po charge at 4.2V (SoC 100%) anymore, as with my previous tests using pmic.setChargeVoltage(4208). This isn’t necessarily a negative result, and I’m sure there is a explanation.

As you know, your panel wont produce it’s max rated 930mA @ the highest InputVoltageLimit we have access to (5.080V).
So using pmic.setChargeCurrent(0,0,1,0,0,0);// 1024mA (512 + 512 offset) should do the trick.