Plotly - Does anybody have code to connect SparkCore to Plotly?

I have been successfully sending data to Xivley while testing the wifi performance of the CC3000. Xivley is OK but Plotly seems to offer a much better options for displaying the data sent and logged from the Spark Core.

Alot of this coding is beyond my skill set so I’m at the mercy of those who are more knowledgeable than I to get this stuff working. I have been successful in taking examples and modifying them for my purposes though and thats how I am able to progress along with Arduino and the projects I personally work on.

So any help or feedback for getting a working code for the Spark Core to send data to Plotly would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure I’m not the only guy who will end up wanting to do this with their Spark Core.

Here is the API for Arduino and Plotly.

I would also like to know how this can be done, Plotly looks to be a great partner for arduino but I’m not sure about how to connect to it with a spark core.


@Mrpurplez Check this out