Please help on reconnecting problem

I would like my photon to have the following features:

  • when the WiFi is down, I want it to be able to listen if the WiFi is up again.

  • also, during this time that the WiFi is down, I want it to be able to acquire new credentials with the use of the Particle mobile app.

  • Before anything, I call WiFi.useDynamicIP();

  • When I change the password to my WiFi, the photon gets disconnected from the WiFi, I get notified from the event: “network_status_disconnected”.

  • Then I enter to the listen mode with WiFi.listen() function.

  • I then change again the WiFi password to the old one and my photon enters the state of the fast green light, which, from the documentation, I see that it means: “LED_SIGNAL_NETWORK_DHCP Getting network address”.
    Problem is that it stays there forever.

I am working with threads.

Please help!!!



How do you drop out of Listening Mode between your steps 3 & 4?
Try “power-cycling” the radio module ( - delay - WiFi.on() - Particle.connect()) and don’t retrigger a connection while another attempt is running.

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I am calling the listen function with a 30 seconds timeout, after that, since I am running on threads, I call a 35 second delay.

I will try the and on() and let you know what happened.

Strange, I was under the impression that the Photon should automatically reconnect in the AUTOMATIC mode.