Please explain to me... 5 questions

As I understand it access to these devices remotely (local or offsite) via IOS as an example I must use the Particle’s Cloud?

I could not access these devices by having a Raspberry Pi server talking to these devices via wifi but still using the front end Particle web app?

Also provide access off site from the internet via a VPN tunnel direct to the Raspberry Pi and then the Particle devices?

I can only complie my code through Particle?

Is code generation only available through the web IDE interface or acn one use the downloadable version insteade?

Is this correct?

Nope, you can connect using UDP or TCP/IP as well. Check the docs.

You could, see above.
There’s also the local cloud, see here, here, and here.

No reason why you shouldn’t be able to do that. Don’t even think you need the Pi.

Nope, you can compile locally as well:
There’s even a (community made) installer for the toolchain for windows: Toolchain for Windows Installer

No, see above. Local compile is available if you want to, and there’s an ‘offline’ IDE as well over here.


Hi @Docholiday

I will try to clear up your misunderstandings:

  • You can use the Particle or not. You choose. The cloud has a lot of benefits but you don’t have to use it.

  • There is a local version of the cloud that you can run on your own server. Development on that is a bit behind the public cloud but some folks want all the control.

  • You can talk to your devices over TCP and UDP without the cloud. You have to work out the routing and security issues (if any) in this case.

  • I am not understanding your question about VPNs, but there is no inherent limitation on VPNs as long as your router can route the WiFi traffic from your devices.

  • In addition to the web IDE cloud compiler, there is a local Atom-based IDE that uses cloud compile and a full local toolchain based on GCC. You can flash code the device over-the-air via the Particle cloud or locally using USB.

And as always these days, @Moors7 Jordy beat me to it again! :smiley:


Thank yopu everyone for the replies, that helped me a lot. The reason for a VPN tunnel is for security - particularlyy authentication. I would be interested in running a private cloud on my own server. As far compiling local that is something I would do. Thanks BKO…

Moors7 Thank you for the links and the info. I feel better now and more confident moving forward with this product.

Again, Thank all of you for the replies…

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