Is an Internet Connection Required to Control Modules on a LAN?

I’d like to use the modules with a router only. Would I still be able to operate all the modules without access to the external internet (aka cloud)?

It is preferred that modules are used with the Particle cloud, but it is not required. I have been testing out the local cloud option. Initial instructions can be found here.

I have a terse set of instructions for setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 as an access point with the local cloud software.

At this point I’ve replicated the issue on the forum with this post :frowning:

I am hoping there is code over in Brewskey that fixes that issue.

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This fixes that issue:

$ particle list
<no name> [...536] (Product undefined) is online
    int digitalread(String args) 
    int digitalwrite(String args) 
    int analogread(String args) 
    int analogwrite(String args) 

Is there a way to claim a device using the local cloud? @kennethlimcp

or should I switch it back to the Particle Cloud and claim it there and then bring it back to the local cloud?

There’s no concept of “claim” and multiple user account in the :particle: provided local :cloud:.

You just need to have the private key on the local cloud server and it will be listed in the account.

There is a fork that has lots of work done:

Check it out!

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Yup. Forked. There are a couple folks that could benefit will a working local cloud option. I am interested if the devices perform the time sync step with the local cloud.