Playing sounds from Spark Core

I would like to play three simple sound bites, each < 2-3 seconds long. Would it be possible to play sounds from the spark core without any other shields? If so - how would one go about this? Adding them as additional files (in what format)

Hi @Stopshinal,

Good question! There’s actually a pull request in for the firmware right now for an Arduino style tone function (here: ). @BDub wrote some libraries to play ringtones and made an awesome example here:


It also might be possible to hard code small amounts of WAV file data directly in your sketch, and play it back like the Wave Shield does…

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Thanks @dave and @bdub, this is so great to hear! @bdub, it seems RTTL would be relatively easy to move forward on, and thanks for sharing the links to the other repos. Is there an example sketch approach that uses small wav files I may be able to easily duplicate as a proof of concept?

Not that I know of, but I didn’t Google search it yet either! Please let us know what you come up with :smile: