PIR Callibration

I’ve built a PIR sensor on the Particle Core and set up notifications to my Qrimp account which forwards me SMS notifications when it detects motion. The problem is the sensor constantly sends notifications regardless of the calibration times. I’m using one of the 3 wire (Hot Signal GND). When the Air conditioner is off, it works fine… but when the air kicks on, it begins sending notifications every few seconds. I’ve tried to put it out of the path of the air flow but regardless it still senses temperature changes and sends false signals. Is there a link to a fix for this that may help overcome false motion detection? I’m using the Mini IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Human Sensor Detector Module and if this isn’t the module to be using is there one that is stable that would be better suited for this design? Thanks all.

I had the same problem.

You need to get a PIR sensor that has adjustable sensitivity.

The straight sensors are way to sensitive and will give a lot of false readings.

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