Photon2 EEPROM persistent data

I am using EEPROM for persistent data in my Argon.
When using the same software for photon2 the system crash SOS reading the EEPROM. Is Photon 2 able to use the EEPROM as the Argon does?

@jmjobin, both the Argon and the Photon 2 use the devices flash file system to emulate EEPROM. Can you post a minimal code sample that fails?

@peekay123, Thank you for the rapid answer. I will have to find exactly what happen with my code and then I will come back here. I needed to be sure the EEPROM was handling the same...

The problem was in my software. But knowing that Photon 2 was similar to Argon for the EEPROM simulation, this helped to fix it. Thank you again

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