Photon2 BLE Fragmented packet loss

EDIT: The below actually works correctly. It's the debug print function called Log.Info() that's chopping the first fragment to 154 characters on my screen. (There's a tilde~ character at the end of these ....). Nevermind - this looks deliberate.

I'm running OS 5.6.0 on a Photon2 module. I'm using BLE acting as the Central Device and I'm successfully connecting to a ShellyUSA switch. Over the BLE link I can send and receive data quite nicely. However, when I query the Shelly switch for status info that generates a response of 288 bytes, I loose several bytes after 244 for 288 (I get the tail end of the packet fine, but am missing about 91 bytes).
I have used a PC to execute the same queries and the Shelly switch sends it just fine and the PC receives the entire message.
Has anyone else experienced this? Am I not doing something right?


Hi @tnilsen

Will mark this as solved but feel free to add any extra questions here if you see any other related issues!

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