Photon weather shield wind interface with Davis anemometer

I have started playing around with a photon and the weather shield. I am probably the farthest you could get from being an electronics person and so it is a fun challenge to work my way through it all. I have a Davis anemometer that I plugged into the weather shield and the readings were all wacky so I did some searching and found the pin inputs for the shield and the pin outputs from the anemometer and they do not correctly line up. With my basic knowledge, I cannot figure out how they should line up or if they can at all.

The shield has wind direction, wind speed and two grounds. The Davis sensor has a pin for power, wind direction, common ground and wind speed. I am hoping someone could take a look at the photos and tell me how the pins should line up (or if they are not compatible)

Thanks for your time.

@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?