Photon Solar Strategy

I have a blind automation project that has been in pieces for years now, but I recently discovered a 3d Model that might get me over my physical form factor issues. I was wondering if anyone has any good guides on solar panels, battery chargers, and power saving best practices.

I’ve looked around and I see some questions people have asked but no good starting points on parts to try and code to make the photon as efficient as possible. Unfortunately my project responds to functions from the cloud, so I don’t know if sleep is possible. I would accept queued functions, like if I tell blinds to open maybe they will 15 minutes later when the Photon wakes up and asks the cloud if it’s received any function requests.

Thanks in advance!

If you can wait, this seems like a project much better suited for the Xenon (mesh) device. The Xenon:

  • Is less expensive
  • Has a built-in battery controller
  • Uses a much lower power nRF5840 processor
  • Thread Mesh is designed to run over battery power. Gateways and routers store and forward messages to battery powered end-devices that only wake up for milliseconds.
  • Thread Mesh doesn’t require a lengthy handshake to connect like Wi-Fi. It’s designed to connect at very brief intervals using very little power.
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I totally agree but I’ve had 3 photons slated for a few years now.
I’ll have to run a project cost loss analysis. I’m up against a $140 - $170 budget per window. I get bonus points for running a cable through my double blinds. :wink: