Photon SoftAP over https?

@msolters @nexxy Hello, i am very happy with the SoftAP js library written however i just encountered a breaking issue. Our web app is hosted on https scheme, so the browsers are disabling the mixed mode request to an http endpoint. Is there a workaround? Can SoftAP support HTTPS, or there is a flag in the HTTP.Request module to allow mixed mode request?

Hi @krazineurons

As far as I know SoftAP does not currently support HTTPS. I had this same problem and (sort of) got around the issue by creating an HTTP subdomain ( which my HTTPS dashboard page redirects to with the hash of the claim code when the customer wants to setup their product. Unfortunately this means that after the setup the customer has to return to the HTTPS page and login again, but it does keep all login credentials off the HTTP page, and only passes the claim code insecurely.
I’d be very interested if anyone has a nicer way of doing it! :smile:

Also I believe nexxy has left Particle - someone correct me if I’m wrong…

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Also I believe nexxy has left Particle
[/quote] Unfortunately so.