Photon & P1 - WatchDog Timer Function Working?

Hey everybody I did a quick search for Watchdog timers looking for info on if anybody was using the built in watchdog timer that has to be in the Photon, P1, and I’m sure the Electron.

I’m just curious if a watchdog timer or something is already being used in the background firmware now or not.

I’m testing quite a few micros and often see the Teensy 3.1 lock up after a days of reading battery BMS data over I2C every seconds and posting to a sharp memory lcd.

To date I have never seen the Photon or P1 ever lock up on anything so far after running for days and days.

My goal is if a lock up ever does happen and my LCD screen freezes the Photon, P1, or Electron will trigger the watch dog timer and bring them back to running the loop code.

What do you guys know about the watchdog functions?

It’s not part of the core to my knowledge. But there is a library. You can find in in this forum here: Watchdogs on the Photon

@Stevie Thank you very much for sharing that :smiley: