Photon - Mirror RGB to External Rugged Metal RGB - Adafruit

Good morning everyone,

I am simply wanting to fully mimic the on-board RGB on the Photon to an external RGB.

This RGB LED is a common-anode design. It is 3 separate channels. I am utilizing D0 - R, D1 - G, D2 - B.

Below is my code sample as of now. It seems to work great. It shows the boot sequence as well as nearly everything else. Except during boot sequence when GREEN is flashing quickly, the RGB LED is solid RED. And goes solid RED if the photon loses WiFi completely. Network outage. But the unit will blink green. Any ideas?

Thank you! Hope everyone is enjoying their new year!

STARTUP(RGB.mirrorTo(D0, D1, D2));

void setup() {
// Common-anode RGB LED connected to A4 (R), A5 (G), A7 (B)
RGB.mirrorTo(D0, D1, D2, true);


void loop() {


What resistors are you using?
The different LED colours usually have different forward voltages with the red one having the lowest and with a poor choice of current limiting resistors you may exceed the current limit across all GPIOs only allowing for the red LED to actually do something.