Photon loses connection, reboot corrects the issue

Running v0.4.5. I have a Photon on a wireless network that is not stellar. My code polls the cloud every minute or so. After a couple hours it lapses into the flashing cyan light, which, as I understand it, is trying to connect to the cloud.

Rebooting corrects this problem until the next connection issue. Can I do anything in code to correct/detect this? Can Particle make the reconnection process more aggressive?

Thanks for the help

Regarding agressive reconnection, the device already attempts to restart the WiFi subsystem if connection fails. You’ll see two or three red flashes 1 second apart after attempting to connect to the cloud.

I did extensive testing before releasing 0.4.5 to ensure that it does reconnect after wifi goes down, so was hoping this was resolved! Does the problem happen each time? For example, does the device resume if you disconnect the WiFi router?

Any information you can provide to help us troubleshoot this for you very welcomed! :smile:

@mdma I can verify that the device does reconnect when taking the external wifi network down and back up. However this issue seems to be occurring after the device has been sitting for a little while. (maybe a couple hours) I can also confirm this is occurring with more than one type of WiFi router.

I have written some code to try to kickstart the the interface and it doesn’t seem to be helping when this issue occurs. Hard reset does fix it. I know its not ideal, but for now is there a way to restart the device in code?

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@mdma my photon also updated to 0.4.5 does similar, after a few hours it disconnects from the web, then starts flashing cyan rapidly and never reconnects. only thing we can possibly do is reset the photon. which then reconnects.

System.reset() will reset the system.