Photon - Is serial comm. buffered?

Hello Folks,

I am wondering if the serial output of the Photon is buffered?
What I really wanted to know is that when I have a code that should run as close as to “realtime”,
does “Serial.print” lines slow down the code or since they are buffered does not matter?

I am trying to measure the current during byte transmission of the nrf24l01 on Arduino (sorry guys I could not make it work on Photon) with INA169 circuit. I really don’t know how long does it take for a nrf24l01 to transmit a byte, but I feel it is like nanosec spike or something. And you can guess how difficult to catch that and measure the current it sucks. May I should use ossiloscope?

Please share your experiences and give me any advice on these topics.

All the best…

Serial.print() feeds the data into a TX buffer which is 64 bytes deep by default and the actual transmission is then done by the hardware independent of your running code.

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