Photon IPv6 support?


any NEWS on IPv6 support ?


18 months, and still no IPv6 support.

I was planning on buying dozens of Photons, and I still cannot seriously use it in my projects, due to the lack of IPv6. :frowning:


Hi , to be honest with you, I had to stop thinking of Photon only for this reason. All my servers and networks are IPv6 and the Photon just can’t do it. I search another platform and I hope I will have have something in a few weeks.

I’m sorry to quit Particle but I have no other choice. :frowning: I just really hope you will add IPv6 because this is something mandatory in the IOT,


There are some open source / commercial options available.

A: CycloneTCP+SSL+Crypto ( )

B: PicoTCP ( )

Both of the options are GPLv2 licensed an thus have some implications when used in commercial applications.

Both options allow you to create a completely standalone application outside of the Particle Cloud environment.

Both options require the use of the WICED SDK but fortunately simplify the environment a lot

Both options are RTOS independent and provide abstraction layers to support a various of RTOS’s

Both options also provide a number of drivers for both wired and wireless adapters, thus making the code portable.

And most important, both options support IPv4 and IPv6



Just a bump to see if there is any update on ipv6 support for the Photon. I’ve seen mention that it was scheduled for the 0.5.0 release but it doesn’t seem to have made it. (At least no mention in the release notes.)

– Mike


Any update on this? I’m having a little bit of trouble finding the release notes for the latest firmware so not able to see if it is in 0.6


@mdma any update on ipv6 support?


I just checked in, and the current state is that the WICED SDK needs to be updated to catch up with the latest version to support the things needed to make this happen. It’s definitely still is on the roadmap, but it’s not the highest priority, taking into consideration that there are ways to work around the lack of IPV6 support. That said, if you, or anyone else for that matter, can present actual use-cases where it’s a hard requirement, it’d help move it up the priority list.


Hi… Just checking back in after a long period of inactivity. There are about a dozen places where I’m using Raspberry PIs with WiPi adapters in lieu of Particle Photons to do dirt-simple things just because I need IPv6 capabilities to communicate with the remote devices.

These are devices in far off remote locations where I need to be able to send packets directly to the devices from wherever. They can’t live behind NAT and they must be individually addressable. In today’s world of $15+ per IPv4 address and needing a /24 to make it routable vs. free IPv6 from almost any reputable ISP, that makes IPv6 a hard requirement.

80+% of US Mobile traffic is now IPv6.
50+% of US wireline traffic is now IPv6.

It’s 2018. Time to get off the dime and deliver the IPv6 support I started asking for around the time the Photon was first released.


Bumping again. I AM STILL INTERESTED. What is the status of IPv6 in Photon or Argon? It is a must have, and even if the module is 1$ it will not be enough. It is a hard requirement in my application.


Odds are good for IPv6 on the Argon/Boron/Xenon. Thread mesh is based on 6LoWPAN over 802.15.4, so it’s natively IPv6 on the bottom.


I would say that is not very reassuring. Photon is capable of IPv6 too.

Does Xenon even have any IP/TCP networking stack? And can we use just normal sockets, HTTP, TCP in the Xenon code, and it will route via mesh to a device that is connected further to internet? I checked SoC datasheet and there is nothing about networking, routing. Presumable all of that must be implemented and can be in software. With 1MB flash it can and should be done.

IoT still suck.


I am guessing this is what the Mesh protocol will be using:


@baryluk, Nordic’s OpenThread stack supports IPv6 and this is where @rickkas7’s comments come from. However, I can’t speak to whether Particle will support normal sockets, etc.