Photon Initial Setup Error

Hey @Carsten4207! Go ahead and email if you can’t get it working. Refer to this thread. They should be able to sort out a replacement for you if it seems like an unfixable hardware problem.

I just flashed your dct.bin that you mailed me - managed to reproduce your problem - I get flashing green after resetting Wifi credentials! Yay, progress! :smile:


Thanks Christine!

I actually had 2 pre-orders and canceled one 7 days ago. I would like to reopen that order if possible. I’ll hang on to this Photon. Maybe we can get it working now that @mdma was able to replicate the issue.

I emailed this AM already :smile:

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Hi again @Carsten4207

I have an update. There’s a new version of reset.bin on the release page

Please download it, and flash to your device:

dfu-util -d 2b04:d006 -a 0 -s 0x8020000 -D reset.bin

When the device reboots, and flashes green, hold SETUP for 10 seconds to clear wifi credentials.

On reset, the device should enter setup mode (slow flashing blue) automatically.

I haven’t gotten to the root of the problem, but some corruption in the DCT area is preventing it from being rewritten normally. The new reset code fully erases the DCT area which should get you out of the problem.

There will be more steps needed to get on the cloud, but go ahead and fill in your wifi credentials. You should see the device flash green, then cyan…and cyan with intermediate blips of red.


Yes sir! The Photon is now breathing cyan!

I was actually able to login to Particle/Build and deploy an app. But now it wont connect any more. Cyan blinking rapidly with occasional red flashing.

Progress! Horrrrayy!


Can you send me the device ID and I’ll get you connected to the cloud.


I emailed it to you instead of posting here.

Let me know when you get it done so I can test if it connects. Currently its rapidly flashing cyan.

Thanks. I’ve allowed your device to register a new key with the cloud so it should now connect and breathe cyan.

Once that happens, please flash system_pad_BM-09.bin again (please be sure it’s the version that is on the release page now, and not the old version. Might be worth deleting all local copies and downloading afresh to be completely sure!)

Once that is done, your photon should be back online and programmable from the Web IDE. Yay!

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Now its flashing cyan (fairly quickly) and then occasionally flashing cyan (even quicker), then red flashes, then flashes cyan (fairly quickly again) and the cycle continues.

It’s not breathing cyan as you suggested it should.

Could you try re-flashing the cloud public key:

Provisioning Keys

Upload the Server public Key to the Device

Download the server public key from

and upload this to the device.

First, place the device in DFU mode,
then run this command on the command line in the same directory where the certificate was downloaded to.

dfu-util -d 2b04:d006 -a 1 -s 2082 -D cloud_public.der

After I flashed the server public’s key it worked (breathing cyan), but then I went ahead and flashed system_pad_BM-09.bin but now I am back in the same problem:

Now its flashing cyan (fairly quickly) and then occasionally flashing cyan (even quicker), then red flashes, then flashes cyan (fairly quickly again) and the cycle continues.

I went ahead and flashed the server public key again but the issue still persists. I wonder if you have to do whatever on your end again with the deviceid?

This is really weird. Flashing the system pad shouldn’t affect the keys - they are stored in separate places. (You are flashing system pad to 0x8020000, correct?)

Yes sir.

What do these flash pattern mean:

Hi Guys

I am truly glad you are making progress, but want to suggest that maybe it is just a hardware problem. The confusing symptoms and cyclic nature of the failures point in that direction for me.

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bko, yes it’s possible. If I have the device sent to me I can examine to confirm for sure.

I don’t recognize those flash sequences. When to they occur?

@Carsten4207 - thanks for sticking with me on this! But I think now it’s probably best you arrange for a RMA and return the device to Particle. We did get very close to having a fix and did get the device on the cloud, but these new symptoms since then are just very strange.

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When I flashed system_pad_BM-09.bin (the latest one) and I reset the device it goes into the GBR Green/White and D7 Blinking. At this point I can put it in SAFE MODE (magnet flashing and release) and then it tires connecting to the cloud (cyan flashing).

If I do a Factory reset, then the RGB is white and the D7 blinks dimly.

I will arrange an RMA. Thanks for all the help!

This troubleshooting process has been updated in the last few months, so I’m archiving this thread to avoid confusion. :heart:

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