Photon I2C Interface

I am trying to connect an Adafruit 8x8 matrix to my photon and its not working.

After verifying that the matrix was working and it was connected correctly I created a test program to check that i2c was working.

Something doesn’t seem to be right. The docs say that the Write() function should return the number of bytes written however when I try to write one byte I get back a very large number.

Here is my test code and its output

void setup()
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
  Spark.publish("STEJ Started");

void test()
  char buff[1024] = {0};

  // the write function should return 1 but does not
  sprintf(buff, "%d", Wire.write(1));
  Spark.publish("write(1)", buff);

  sprintf(buff, "%d", Wire.endTransmission());
  Spark.publish("endTransmission", buff);

void loop()

  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);

  digitalWrite(led, LOW);

What am I doing wrong?

I fixed it!

The shipped firmware is broken but this release works: