Photon Hardware revisions

Sorry if this is the wrong spot or has already been asked - couldn’t quite figure out how to word the question…

I’ve got 3 photons sitting in front of me that I grabbed from our lab at work to test(play) on, and noticed that the silkscreen/color on the boards is different - all have the black backgrounds - one is white, one is sort of a blue and the other looks teal - but this could just be fading… that one also doesn’t connect to wifi anymore for some reason, though the shield covering “the stuff” is a bit bent… a topic for another time…

Anyway, I was curious what the difference in colors signified?

@variable, there have been color variations in different production runs. No significance that I know of. The “lid” on the photon carries a warning. Pressing on it can cause a short with some wires under the lid. You may be able to take a small flat screwdriver or knife blade to lift the lid (unbend it) which may revive that photon.

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Thats kind of what I thought - I imagine any real changes that would affect anything would have been noted somewhere.

As for the lid, I actually tried that already… I suspect ‘the damage is done’. Weird though… I goes into soft ap mode, and I can put it into DFU and program it, set the wifi, reflash etc… basically everything but complete a connection to a wireless anything. Some bits somewhere are scrambled eggs :stuck_out_tongue:


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