Photon Digital I/O Pins Mode During Deep Sleep Mode

Hi Particle Community team,

I am trying to find out what the state of the Digital I/O Pins change to when the photon goes into Deep Sleep Mode, I have searched this forum, internet and photon datasheet but haven’t yet found a definitive answer. Anyway, I think this would be a good addition to the photon/core/electron datasheet!

Reason behind knowing this if for battery conservation, namely I am using some of the Digitial I/O pins as outputs to control a Low Voltage Dropout Regulator (namely LP2951) which has a Shutdown Pin. As I have experienced, when the photon goes into deep sleep mode the Digital I/O pins change state until the photon turns back on and runs through setup().


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The pins got into high impedance mode, this is the same as the pins have after bootup before setting pinMode().

But this is common µC behaviour and can also be found in the STM32F2xx datasheets (Section 3.18 Low-Power Modes).

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Thanks ScruffR.

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