Photon/Core with spoken commands

Hi! … has anyone developed any functional solution using the photon core with spoken commands?

has anyone tried to use for speech recognition on a Photon Core?

I can’t really find if there are proper C libraries for it, without that I would create quite the challenge since the parsing would have to be done somewhere else than the Particle Core or Particle Photon.

Hi! … but it seems to be an HTTP based solution ( … do you think that by using webhook to send https requests from photon core could it be possible?
thanks for your answer!

To be clear, you want to use the Photon OR Core (they are 2 different products of Particle) to record speech, upload it to a server/website to parse the speech and then do things according to the output of it?

i want to use the photon, at least to upload speech to a sever to translate the speech into the corresponding command and then do things according to it. Sorry about any confussion on that.

Would something like this fit your needs? : HomeKit and Particle Photon integration

mmmmm … i think that in that project, commands are not obtained from natural speech, but from homekit app. there is a link at the end of the page about using siri with photon.thanks!
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The commands are obtained using Siri so they are obtained using natural speech, watch the video :smile: