Photon - Can It Be Used As SPI Slave w/SPI.x() Primitives?


Can the Photon be used as a SPI slave with the existing firmware primitives?

On this page:

It says:
This library allows you to communicate with SPI devices, with the Core/Photon as the master device.


Seeing as you’ve opened an identical topic over here, I’m going to close this one.

Ahem. Since there was no activity here on what I would think is a pretty important question for not only me but others that are designing in the Photon unit; I posted in firmware as well since I bring up the issue of the libs that seem to be what the SPI.x() primitives are based on.


Be that as it may, there’s no need to post things double. Rest assured that these forums are being looked at. That said, I’ll tag some people in the other thread, and close this one. Keeping information in one topic is beneficial to all, since information won’t be spread, thus making it more easier to find.
Taking the above into consideration, I’ll close this thread in 30 minutes, as to prevent it growing bigger, deviating further from the issue at hand.

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