Photon bad range


Is it normal that the photon isn´t able to connect to the wifi network when other devices have four of five bars signal strength?

Has the Photon ever connected to that particular network?

What is the “final state” of the RGB LED when it can’t connect – i.e. what color is it blinking?

Yes, it was already connected to that network. Only when I place it 1m away from the router it works. But OTA is still really slow then. Final state: Blinking green (fast) or blue blinking sometimes.

Could it be that you had ever set the Photon to use an external antenna and now haven’t got that connected anymore?
Try explicitly setting it to use the chip antenna WiFi.selectAntenna(ANT_INTERNAL)

Otherwise, you can try attaching an external antenna and switch to that and see if reception gets better. Maybe you got the chip antenna damaged somehow.


It should never blink blue unless (a) it has no stored wifi creds or (b) it’s put into Listening mode. Are you saying that it ends up blinking blue after trying to connect?

If it were me I’d probably do a network reset and set up the wifi creds again, just to clean everything out of the creds storage area.

But if it does end up in blinking blue state after you’ve entered the wifi creds, then you should file a ticket on the support page .

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