[Photon] Auto enter in DFU mode by USB from Ubuntu (GNU/Linux)?

I’m able to force to enter in DFU mode from USB port in OSX as explained in my [Firmware Tips and Tricks] post, but that solution is not working in Ubuntu (GNU/Linux) using the same stty command.

Does anyone knows what exactly happens (at low-level in the USB port) on Mac OS X when we call ```stty -f /dev/usb.modemXXXXX 14400``, so that the Photon detects it and enters in DFU mode automatically?.

I mean, which signal / parameter / data has to be send to the ttyACM0 USB device (in the particular case of Ubuntu GNU/Linux) that is able to trigger something in the Photon firmware (or bootloader I suppose) to force it to enter in DFU mode?.

I really need to reproduce this in GNU/Linux using stty, mgetty or any other command-line tool combination, and I’m really thank you in advance to anyone that could solve this problem.

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