Photon - Any Code for Showing WiFi Signal Strength?

Is there any way to easily show the signal strength for the Photons?

I would like to show this info on the LCD screen since i think it would be pretty helpful.


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@potatotron Sweet!

Looks like I need to really dig into the reference docs more :smiley:

I am actually looking at the reference docs now learning how to display the time from the Photons internet connection.

I did a forum search for posting this thread but only came up with info for the Core.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Time is easy too.

Set the time zone and away you go.

I just used it last weekend – here it is in action:


@potatotron Sweet.

What size screen is that?

I have a 16x32 LED screen coming to make @peekay123 pong clock.

I plan on making a cool frame for it and hope to expand it to a larger size once the code is ready for that.

Thanks! It’s a 64x32.