Photon: 2nd Serial at D0/D1 like the spark core?

Since I haven’t found a clear answer in doc’s: is there a 2nd serial on D0 and D1 available for the Photon like on the Spark Core? Thanks!

Hi @mf2105

See this thread:

You have to remove the RGB LED in order to use Serial2 on a Photon.

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hit @bko , thanks for the fast reply.
to make a long story short (for other readers of this thread): without removing hardware from the [edit: not core] Photon definitly NO, because D0 and D1 are wired to the RGB LED onboard. In other words: I need to stay with my Spark Cores in case i need a stable Serial2 ? Or is there something like a library available that moves the serial2 e.g. to D1/D2? I’m doing some home automation with the spark core, so it’s not that much time critical (4800/9600 8N1 with less than 10 bytes per command/per second). Any idea? Thanks in advance.

That’s not quite correct.
D0/D1 are not wired to the RGB LED. But the Serial2 object is tied to the pins that are used for the RGB LED (G & B).