Photon 2 wit DHT22

I have firmware that works fine with the original Photon, Electron and Argon to read from a DHT22, but I cannot get this working on the Photon2. It is using the PietteTech_DHT library.

I see the migration page mentions the SHTx not being compatible due to the slower GPIO pins, does the DHT fall into the same category?

Is the DHT22 known to be incompatible with the P2s now? That would be a real disapointment!

The DHT22 and DHT11 are incompatible with the P2 and Photon 2 for the same reason the SHT1x is.

Thanks for clarifying so quickly, but disappointing news for sure as its my main use case currently.

Any recommendations on a compatible sensor?

I've had good luck with the Sensiron SHT3x I2C sensors, like the SHT30. It's available in a variety of form-factors including chip, a plastic package that looks like a DHT22, and probe.


Hi @sberkovitz -

I have used both Renesas HS300x and Wurth TIDS sensors. Heads-up... Particle Photon 2 tutorial using the Wurth sensor coming soon :slight_smile:


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I got my hands on some DHT30's and honestly they were easier to get working than the DHT20's which I always found to be a bit temperamental.

I was frustrated that something that has worked since the original Spark Core broke all of the sudden, but happy to say it was an easy change for new devices, and the benefits clearly outweigh the cons!


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