Photon 2 header pin height in CAD file

In the cad file, the shrouding of the .100" header pins is flush with the bottom side of the board, similar to how it is on the Photon. However, since the headers are a mix of SMT and through-hole (which are super cool btw) the shroud actually sits slightly proud of the board surface to accommodate the SMT pins. I'm measuring about .9 mm. This isn't much but the gap doesn't seem to be represented in the CAD.

Yes, that makes sense. I'm not sure what the priority in fixing that will be because the overall dimensions should be unchanged, it just doesn't match in appearance.

Ah I didn't realize the length of the pins in CAD accounted for that then. The length of the pins from the bottom board surface is still longer on the Photon 2 than the Photon but if that's already reflected in the model then I agree it doesn't matter.

I thought the height from the board to the bottom of the shroud was correct, but if it's not then that should be fixed.

Yeah sorry I didn't explain very well - visually the shroud is in a different location but the remaining length of the pin looked to be unchanged, effectively making the total height of the assembly taller by that size of that gap.

Just realized the viewer i was using could measure...

Whereas I measure the total height at about 9.3 mm, so the .4 mm from CAD to part is less than the .9 mm of the gap. Might as well be manufacturing tolerance at that point but if not it's up to you guys if you want to update it.
Comparing to the Photon, that same measurement is ~8.2 mm making it a full mm shorter.

Oh, now I see what you're saying. I'll look into it.