Phantom power 48v to 5v for Spark [Solved - Don't do it :) ]

I wanna create a small spark powered display for a speaker’s platform. There is a power socket available but even closer is the phantom powered microphone - 48v via xlr.

Do any of you have an idea of how to take power from the xlr plug and bring it down to 5v suitable for the spark?

Yes, you probably want to look for a 5v switching regulator. 48v is a little high but I’d search for something on eBay and if you have trouble or have additional questions feel free to post back.

You could use a linear regulator but it would get awefully hot burning off ~45Watts

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To add to what @harrisonhjones said, the ghost supply most likely cannot provide the current needeed by the Spark. A cheap 5v wall wart will do the job nicely. :smile:

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Ok… Thanks.

Guess I’ll stick to the wall wart. Its cheap and easy and I don’t need to worry about causing noise in the audio system. :smiley:


@peekay123 is right on the money…

The prevailing international standard, IEC 61938, defines 48-volt, 24-volt, and 12-volt phantom powering. The signal conductors are positive, both fed through resistors of equal value (for 48-volt phantom powering, the standard value is 6.8 kΩ), and the shield is ground. The 6.8 kΩ value is not critical, but the resistors must be matched to within 0.4% or better to maintain good common-mode rejection in the circuit.

Definitely not enough current to power the Core.