Passing the credentials to a photon with REST (cloud) API

Hello Group,

I am developing an application in Embarcadero Delphi and I am using the REST API commands in order to get info from the photon.

I would like to know how can my clients pass different wifi credentials without seeing or using the Particle App, my question is how and what are the commands to put the WiFi credentials with REST API(Cloud) ?

Thank in advance

Setting credentials over an internet connection for which you’d need those same credentials is going to be a bit problematic, don’t you think? It’s like going inside to get your key, so you can go inside. Kind of defeats the purpose.
That said, there are some people in the community working on a direct connection with the Photon, so you can pass the credentials directly. There have been some promising demos already. Check it out, might be what you’re looking for:

Hi thank you for your reply. I have read the softapp, but I can not make anything out of it.

Is there something else that we could use? I mean any Android SDK that we can integrate in our software developing platform?


Yes, there is!

Please see

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