Passing symbol definitions at compile-time

As per title: Is it possible to pass a compile-time symbol definition as a flag?

Specifically, I would like to #define a DEBUG symbol to conditionally compile some Serial statements, as well as slightly modify the behavior of the code on startup. If this is not possible, I think I will have to manually comment/uncomment a #define DEBUG statement in every file that I want to test (usually all of them :confused: ), and this is obviously not desirable.

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Google C preprocessor directives




#define DEBUG_LN(x) Serial.println(x)


#define DEBUG_LN(x)


And in your code:


Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my first post. I’m using the offline Particle Dev IDE, and I’m compiling semi-offline with the CLI (on Windows). My current compile command is

particle compile photon path/to/project

And I’d like to be able to #define DEBUG from the command line. something like gcc’s -D flag.

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I have this question too.

Same here. I’d like to test locally on a device that is different from production, or even on another device that’s remote but not prod, and I’d like to easily generate different firmware versions on demand to test these. Editing the defines in the code for each separate compilation is pretty boring, and I’d like to be able to have a simple script call particle compile with specific defines in the command line…

There’s always the option to generate an include file on the fly, but that’s a bit counterproductive…

I am interested in this ability, as well. I can think of several valid use cases.

Safe to assume, years later, there is still no solution?

If you build locally then you can export EXTRA_CFLAGS. The workbench works okay for installing the toolchains and then you can build from any terminal with make. You can probably set that environment in the workbench too, but I don’t use it.

For example:

APPDIR = $(shell dirname $(realpath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))
export APPDIR

FIRMWARE_PATH ?= $(HOME)/.particle/toolchains/deviceOS/1.5.2/


SRC_FILES := $(wildcard $(APPDIR)/src/*.cpp)

all: target/NAME.bin

target/NAME.bin: $(SRC_FILES)
        $(MAKE) -C $(FIRMWARE_PATH)/modules/xenon/user-part all
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Thanks for your reply, @kenmacd.
I had been pursuing the use of make, partly due to your comments on other threads.:+1:

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