ParticleSoftSerial library compatible with Bluz?

Hello @ScruffR ,

I was very happy to find the ParticleSoftSerial library. It is a great addition for debugging purposes.

I tested it and it works fine on the Photon, however, it does not work with a Bluz DK. Please see below:

Is there anyway it can be modified to work with the Bluz?

Thanks in advance.

My ParticleSoftSerial library relies on @peekay123’s SparkIntervalTimer library for exact interrupt driven timing.
Since I’m not aware of any similar library running on Bluz I won’t be able to port that to Bluz anytime soon.

If you learn of such lib, I’d be happy to extend my lib.

@peekay123, the error message about supported platforms may need an update (Electron, RedBear Duo, …?)

@ScruffR, when I get a chance, I’ll modify the code to better handle the platforms. :smile:


Thank you @peekay123 and @ScruffR for your prompt and helpful responses and your efforts.

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