Particle Web based Music player (computer/ ras pi required) WIP

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This is only an idea, but the idea is to create a stand-alone device like the one seen here using the spark core or photon. In theory you could use the spark core and/or photon to transmit data to the internet, where a computer could run an proxy of some kind that could find the type of data (song name, artist, playlist, album, etc.) and then use processing to upload the wanted information to a teensyduino, which could then mimic key/ mouse presses to specifically search up the song or playlist and play it. You could also bind certain hotkeys to different abilities such as play/pause, skip, previous, etc. using a API like Toastify for Spotify. If you have any Ideas, please comment and share them.

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Another More feasible Idea would be to have the core email you using Pushinbox found at this tutorial. Then, I set up a filter in my email to send it to a dedicated email, where I will have a Processing program reading the subject of the email. I made the subject of each email a playlist name. The processing program can then serial communicate with the teensy, which will be able to open the music player and play the correct music.


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