Particle-strip has stopped compiling (import error)

My library was working, but without changes, the examples are unable to #include “neopixel.h”.

I’m trying to compile the example (combo.ino) from atom with the particle-dev-complete packages installed.

The library particle-strip

The library properties files includes:


One of the libraries header files has:

#include "neopixel.h"

But when I try to compile the example in the cloud through atom, I get (roughly, since atom won’t let me copy/paste):

neopixel.h: No such file or directory

Any suggestions?

How do you try to build the sample?

To build a lib sample in Dev (which is the usual reference for the Atom based IDE), you need to have a project for that sample that features a file.

With CLI this would be easier via

particle compile <platform> examples/<sampleName>

What I did when updating this library to the 2.0 format was open the example .ino files (examples/combo/combo.ino) from the library checkout and hit “Compile in Cloud” in Dev.

I’m trying to add support for additional hardware to the library, but hit this problem before getting very far.

I can try to get the CLI working again, but it’s always been problematic for me on Linux since it wants me to update the system node.js, which affects unrelated packages.

You could use nvm to switch node versions back and forth.

The way you try to build the samples in Dev won’t work for the given reasons.

Maybe @rickkas7 can forward a proposal to add a “Build Sample” feature to the Dev devs.

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Just as a note, building the examples in Dev works fine, except for including the library my library depends on. And this used to work, since that’s what I did when doing development for my library.

But I’ll try to get the CLI going again and see if that solves my problem.

The CLI tool is working! Thanks a lot!

It does seem like Dev should have parity with the command line tool here, so forwarding a feature request seems like the right thing to do.

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Thanks for the help @ScruffR

This is what I was refering to. It’s not uncommon that library samples or a lib itself would depend on secondary libs, but for that Dev would need to apply the and/or files of the lib and/or the sample.

However, glad you could get on with your project :+1:

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