Particle Rules Engine - bug in calling functions twice

Hello all,

Started testing with the Particle Rule Engine and I think I ran into a bug when I want to call a function on my particle.

When setting the argument function via the payload message, I am able to set the argument to the right value the first time.
As of the next message, I send the right argument message, but it seems the original argument is still send to the cloud.

My code on the particle for the lightsValue is very simple, I convert the command to an int and return this:

int lightsIntensity(String command){
    int value = atoi(command);
    return value;

The message I receive as a response to the function (via the NodeRed debug functoin:

payload: 120
socketid: "XXX"
_msgid: "XXX"
argument: "40"
function: "lightsValue"
device: "XXX"

Is this a bug or am I missing a point?


This is a known bug. It will be fixed in the next release of the Particle node.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry for my ignorant question, but when will the next release be or is there any known workaround?