Particle.publish queue when connection is lost (device -> cloud)

Does a library exist where I can publish messages to the cloud and whenever a message is not sent it gets queued to be sent later? (So I don’t loose any messages)

A simple forum search for particle.publish queue might have brought you this topic too

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This is a library that only queues the messages and sends them one by one every second, so they won’t surpass the rate of 1 event/sec defined by Particle.

I need a library that, whenever the Internet is lost when sending a message -> send everything in queue when I Internet is back.

@kenvernaillen, first you say:

[quote=“kenvernaillen, post:1, topic:30520”]
where I can publish messages to the cloud
[/quote] Now you say:

[quote=“kenvernaillen, post:3, topic:30520”]
when sending a message
[/quote] The link @ScruffR provided answered your original question. What exactly do you mean my “sending a message”?

Additionally, this can be adapted to do what you want since this is the closest thing to what you want I know of.

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