Particle Photon Setup on Windows 7 goes wrong

I am trying to setup my new photon using my Windows 7 PC. I have installed NPM and NodeJS and everything seems to be working fine. I have also managed to install the device driver. However, when I enter the command ‘particle setup’ and attempt to connect to my Wi-Fi network both, manually and automatically, it does not work.

When I try to connect manually, it keeps spitting out “Obtaining device information”, but nevcer seems to finish it.

Automatic connection, seems to show ‘asking photon to scan for nearby wifi network’. for a long time, but doesn’t do anything.

@thiviyan a few thoughts to your issue.

  1. This is important to know for us to help you out. During the set up process what colors does the LED Flash? Do the lights ever change? Are you able to upload a video of the led on the device during setup?
  2. What happens why you try running just particle serial wifi do you get the same results?
  3. Does the wifi have a firewall on it or is it on a enterprise network?
  4. Are you able to set your device up using the photon mobile app?

Alternatively, make sure it’s in listening mode and try particle serial wifi.

Hi Moors7,

I have tried setting the photon in listening mode (blue led blinks) and then particle serial wifi. After selecting my wifi network from the provided list, the command line freezes immediately. I attached a snapshot of this below.

Try to enter credentials manually and not scan nearby WiFi.

BTW: There was a new release of CLI (update with npm update -g particle-cli)

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  1. During the setup the photon blinks blue - listening mode. If nessessary I will upload a video of this later.
  2. I already tried particle serial wifi while the device was in the listening mode, but after selecting my wifi network, the command prompt stops working (freezes).

  1. It is a home network with ‘standard’ firewall protection.
  2. Unfortunately I am not able to set up the photon using my smart phone, because I have a Windows phone -_- According to the official guide the setup can only be done using an Android or Iphone device.