Particle Photon Available Memory Size


I understand the Photon has 1MB of Flash, and 128KB or RAM. Is this the memory left over after the WIFI stack has been installed? Or does that not include installing the WIFI stack?

Is the WIFI stack installed in the Flash Memory?

@fifty60, the Photon/Electron memory map (flash) is:

  • Bootloader (16 KB)
  • DCT1 (16 KB), stores Wi-Fi credentials, keys, mfg info, system flags, etc…
  • DCT2 (16 KB), swap area for DCT1
  • EEPROM emulation bank 1 (16 KB)
  • EEPROM emulation bank 2 (64 KB)
  • System firmware (512 KB) [256 KB Wi-Fi/comms + 256 KB hal/platform/services]
  • Factory backup, OTA backup and user application (384 KB) [3 x 128 KB]

With all those pieces loaded, there is approx 125KB of user flash and 60KB of user RAM available. It is important to note that MANY of the conventional Arduino libraries are already included in the Particle system firmware (wifi, SPI, I2C, TCP/UDP, etc.). This makes the user app “thinner”.

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Hi Peekay, thanks for the reply. The System firmware calculation of 512KB does include the FreeRTOS in the calculatio, right?

@fifty60, yes, though the full FreeRTOS API is not necessarily exposed through the Particle HAL.