Particle Libraries v2.0

Should I then add the dependencies to the lib itself?
I’d guess in most cases these other libraries will be used in combination anyway as the shield I’ve ported the lib for does sport a SD slot and a touch screen, but the are not required for the display a such.

Yes, that would be a great way to make the library easier to use.

I just tried to upload my ITEAD_Nextion library and am still facing an issue with an aparent size restriction for files to upload

I have to remove the suplementary example files to copy to the display (.HMI & .TFT) due to size limitations as already mentioned in connection with the demo .BMP file for my Adafruit_HX8357 library (see quote above)

Is you library available on GitHub? It would help to see what kind of files you are talking about.

The legacy lib is here

The files are in the respective sub directories alongside the .ino files.

Did this structure use to work with Build? It would flash those files with the example? I don’t have enough background to understand what those examples are for.

Yup, it did. Build just ignored the additional files.

The .HMI files are the “source” project that would be loaded into the Nextion GUI editor to place widgets and write some on-board skripts.
The .TFT files are the “compiled” output of the GUI editor which will be flashed to the display.

Via the library the controller can then access widgets and send/receive data/evnts from the display via RX/TX…