Particle Electron SMS length limit?

Hello everybody! I have recently started using a Particle Electron device and have been sending and receiving messages using a third party SIM card. In one of my projects I have come across something weird, when trying to send a message with more than exactly 160 characters the GSM module returns the following error message : “+CMS ERROR: MS TP-User-Data too long”. I have searched around the internet and the Particle Forum but found no answers related to the Electron SMS length limit, is there a 160 character limit? Thanks in advance!

I don’t think this is Particle specific, but rather SMS specific. The first google I tried showed me this:

Yes, I also came across that information, but I just wanted to make sure that the length limit was not Particle related. Well, I guess at least this topic will be useful for the next one who wonders about this, I know it would have been for me :relaxed:. Thanks again!

What code or library are you using to send SMS messages?

I did not use any special libraries for sending SMS messages, just AT commands (AT+CMGS) supported by Cellular.command().

Can you share your code for doing this?