Particle Docker Image for CI/CD


I am exploring a CI/CD pipeline in bitbucket for Boron project using Docker. So far I have tried using particle/buildpack-particle-firmware from DockerHub but I have seen that it only generates the output binaries.

For my CI/CD implementation, I was hoping for a bit more functionality for the sake of deploying to the cloud. Ideally I would use a Docker container which exposes the particle workbench CLI in addition to the toolchain and binary compilations. That way I can use the CLI to upload compiled images to the cloud as well.

Does a Docker image like this exist? Could you recommend a solution?


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Hey Andrew, welcome to the community!

I haven’t heard of a docker image, but perhaps Neopo can be of help here.
What do you think, Nathan @nrobinson2000 ?

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Hey @andrew.jowsey,

As @gusgonnet mentioned, neopo is an unofficial CLI tool I maintain that packages particle-cli and the Workbench toolchains into a handy script with an accompanying Python API.

I have just added a Dockerfile to the repository and it works very well. You can build and run the image with:

$ git clone
$ cd neopo
$ sudo docker build -t neopo .
$ sudo docker run -it neopo

The online man page is available here:

neopo is now available on DockerHub.

$ docker pull nrobinson2000/neopo
$ docker run -it nrobinson2000/neopo

If you have any comments or problems with neopo, please open an issue.

I’m new to creating Docker images, so I appreciate any suggestions for the Dockerfile.


Here is a demo showing the process of pulling the image, running setup commands, and creating and building a project.


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Hey Nathan,

This certainly fits the need :slight_smile: I would love it if this was an official package but will still take a look at Neopo. Love that there is already a docker image ready :clap:

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