Particle Dev v0.0.25 released

Heads up: update to Atom 1.6.0 might be problematic! (at least in Ubuntu 14.04)

In Ubuntu 14.04, I had Atom 1.3.2 and I was able to happily build and flash my photons.
Upgraded to Atom 1.6 and flashing failed every time. However flashing of the same firmware worked fine from

Removed Atom 1.6.0 and downgraded to Atom 1.3.2 and I’m happily flashing my photons again.

@suda A BIG THANK YOU for allowing me to work local in Ubuntu!!!

On a side note, I never used before but since I started using it I like it more and more.

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Yeah it’s possible modules used for serial port need to be rebuild after upgrade. It should be possible from Incompatible Packages view.

yup, I did rebuild the incompatible packages in 1.6.0 but still no luck so I downgraded to 1.3.2.


Great news!
Atom 1.7.3 and latest version of Particle Dev packages (0.1.0) all work fine in Ubuntu 14.04.
thank you guys,

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