Particle CLI readme missing; what is a Particle.include file

The vast majority of the README file on the GitHub site for Particle-CLI is missing. Looks like only the first few items in the table of contents are actually present:

I am looking for documentation on how to compile subdirectories, and have gathered from others’ forum posts that it has something to do with creating a particle.include file

Unfortunately, it would appear there is no documentation in the Particle-CLI category of the Reference Site or on the Particle-CLI Github Repository

So, I decided to write this post to point out these discrepancies and, at the same time, see if I can find out what a Particle.include file is, how to make one, and how to use one.

In GitHub, there is a commit in February by @mdma where he said that he moved the command reference to the documentation and out of the README. Looks like the TOC hasn’t been regenerated.

I do see the documentation on, though. I’m on mobile at the moment, so maybe my eyes are tricking me.

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The documentation is indeed pretty detailed at this point in time, but unfortunately there is no mention of particle.include files or particle.ignore files that I can see

I don’t know where this is documented, but a particle.include file allows you to explicitly tell particle-cli what files to send to the cloud compiler to be built. Think of it as a white-list of files and folders.



A particle.ignore file is a blacklist of files and folders to explicitly not send to the cloud compiler.



A temporary (albeit slow) workaround to access the particle-cli documentation while the GitHub site SNAFU gets remedied:

You can access an archived version of the particle-cli readme from Sept 2015 on the node.js server via the internet archive “Wayback Machine”: