Particle and Wonderware (InTouch) via MQTT

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Has anyone here successfully connected measurements from photon/electron with the OI gateway for the Intouch SCADA system ?

I´m working in the automation industry and one problem we´re facing is that clients don´t want to use the cloud to monitor data but want to get the data directly into the SCADA system. Wonderware has built an IoT gateway for this (OI gateway), I´m getting connection with the MQTT broker but i´m not getting the values I´m subscribing…

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Did you talk to Wonderware yet? There stuff is often … complicated …

Yes i´ve contacted them regarding this but I havn´t got any answer yet (2 weeks).

Yeah, thats Wonderware alright. I take it the customer won’t like it if you provide your own MQTT broker? Are you still on the customer’s test system or in production already? If on the test; perhaps you do run your own MQTT broker, proof that your system works, until you hear back from Wonderware.

Breakthrough, it´s working now ! :slight_smile:

I´m using the OI gateway from Wonderware for this. The reason I wasn´t getting values into the SMC (System Management Console) is because I wasn’t “requesting” any value…

I downloaded the WW client from Wonderware, and that client is then used to request the data from ubidots MQTT.

I took a screenshot of the SMC :

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Ahhh, “obvious once you know it” :smiley:

help, I can not connect ubidots to wonderware. I have already configured the io gateway, the access to the broker and the wwclient but it does not show me any value.

The json code that I put in wwclient is:
{“timestamp”: 1495554617952, “context”:{}, “value”: 45.6, “id”: “IDLUMINOSIDAD (myvariable)”}.
But I do not get any value