Parsing weather api

Hi. I work with a bunch of kids, we have a project to make Led display of latest weather using weather api.

1). Tried a few api and they all return lots of data, is there a way to http GET request to just getting the temperature instead of the complete list of JSON response? Trying to avoid having the kids trying to decipher all the text. Is there a way to GET request a item of the list if “temp” is the only data we want? Looking for a direction to see if requesting an item and setting that to a variable instead of parsing through the whole list. ?
2) is there a weather api the group would recommend to get simple weather data simply?


I’d highly recommend to do a quick search on this community, since this is a project hat has been made quite a few times already. Of special interest are webhooks, which can GET and parse the information for you :slight_smile:

As @moors7 said you will want to look into Webhooks. We used to have a tutorial, in the docs, that explained how to do exactly what you want to do but it seems it has been updated and removed. If you are unable to figure it out let me know and I’ll find the older tutorial for you.

Searching for “weather webhook” doesn’t hurt either :wink:

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