P2 wifi credentials disappeared


we had a p2 board in the field with 5.4.1 that had 2 sets of wifi credentials. we upgraded the board 5.5.0 over the air and it would no longer come online

i collected the board and examined it: it was fully upgraded to 5.5.0 but it had lost the wifi credentials

any one any idea what mechanism could cause this?


@Support - mind taking a look today?

@boddeke What do you see when you run Configure Wi-Fi | Tools | Particle?

Are all the WiFi credentials gone?
The only mechanism in place to clear WiFi credentials is clearCredentials() - WiFi | Reference | Particle.
Can you please DM me the DeviceID?

hi @no1089: sent you dm with the id

it had 2 sets of credentials
i am very certain we did not clear the credentials
we tried to reproduce but have only seen it once while upgrading ota from 5.4.1 to 5.5.0

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