Output RGB LED to external RGB LED

hi guys:
last time I saw an example of output the on-board RGB LED to external RGB LED in a branch on git. I wonder if this branch has been merge to master or the function is currently ready to be used right now?

Mike Lo

I added that functionality and Particle accepted my changes. This functionality is ready to go and will be available as soon as the firmware 0.4.4 makes it to the web IDE (scheduled for next week).


Jvanier, Thank you so so so much!!!

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I have used up all the digital pins and when i tried using the example code on analog pins it only displays one color. How do i use the analog pins in digital mode for this purpose?

EDIT:- checked docs and found out output works on A4,A5,WKP…

You need a PWM capable pin for proper RGB, there are some A-pins and also RX & TX

Yea but this functionality does not work when the unit is put in safe mode… which is understandable because it’s not running user code. Is there anyway to make it run from software or should I just solder leads to the pads below?

Unless you build that into the system firmware by building that with a local toolchain, you’d either have to go the solder way or maybe use a light pipe.

I am building using a local tool chain. Which system file would I be modifying? Supposing I use the same class example to instantiate the RGB.

Light pipe isn’t working. I have 2 other PCB’s connected over IIC. Longer wire gives me error 1 on endTransmission().

I’d start with services/rgbled.c

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